Glossary of fetish terms



A term used to describe an unusual sexual interest, desire or simply a sexualised situation or object. The term kinky has a broad range of meanings to different people. For some, its simply a casual phrase to describe a mild sexual fantasy or encounter. For example, one might refer to a person as kinky if they like to wear sexy underwear or dress up for sex. For others, the term kinky is associated with more extreme fetishes and sexual activities such as bondage, humiliation, or pain.


A fetish describes any sexual interest a person has. Generally used to describe an unconventional sexual desire such as foot worship or pegging but, also used to describe common sexual fantasies such as roleplay and spanking.

Fet lifestyle

The phrase ‘fet lifestyle’ is used by many people interested in sex and fetishism. It simply describes their own lifestyle and often indicates that a person is more than casually interested in the fetish scene. Often visiting fetish clubs, websites and collecting fetish outfits and equipment, the fet lifestyle is a way of life to many people who share more than a casual interest in kinky sex.


BDSM is a synonym for Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (S&M). The term BDSM tends to encompass most forms of sexual activity that involves some kind of bondage, pain or domination.


The humiliation fetish falls into the discipline and S&M arena. The term covers anyone who derives pleasure from being humiliated. People into humiliation are generally into dom-sub roleplay. Humiliation fetishes are a broad subject but usually cover physical abuse, verbal abuse of oneself or your partner.


A femdom is a dominant female in a sexual encounter. An abbreviation of ‘female dominance’, the term fem-dom is a reference to a female who takes a dominant role in sexual roleplay usually in the form of consensual pain, humiliation or bondage.


A person who enjoys the thrill of watching for their own sexual gratification. A voyeur can be either a person who enjoys watching another person go about their daily business or a person who gets their thrills from watching other people or their own partner have sex without their own participation.


A dominatrix is a dominant female who either receives sexual gratification from dominating or humiliating another person, gives sexual pleasure by dominating another or both parties receive pleasure for a sub/dom relationship.


The act of slapping the behind with either a flat hand or paddle-like instrument. Spanking is a popular fetish and considered a mild form of BDSM. Some people like to introduce a higher level of pain buy using leather straps, spiked paddles or birches (birching).


The term for penetrative sex using a strapon sex toy or dildo. Usually worn by the female to penetrate the male partner anally. People sometimes refer to the act of sex with a strapon between two females as pegging but the true meaning refers to a male being penetrated by a female.


A submissive partner is a person who likes to be dominated in the bedroom. Levels of submission vary from person to person. From verbal abuse and humiliation to more extreme pain and domination.


Bondage is the act of being bound for sexual pleasure. Common bondage practices include tying of hands and/or feet with rope or straps, dedicated leather or pvc bondage suits and specially designed chairs, cages and wall ties for fetish play.

Dom Sub

Dom sub, an abbreviation of dominant submissive refers to a relationship or sexual encounter where one consensual partner is dominant and the other is submissive. The common misconception of a dom sub relationship is that the dominant partner controls the submissive partner for their sexual gratification. While this is true in many cases, many dom sub relationships work in the reverse where the dominant partner is actually there to serve the submissive partners wishes so they are actually the submissive partner where they receive little sexual gratification except the knowledge they are pleasing their submissive partner.

Golden Shower

A golden shower is the act of urinating on the partner for your own or their sexual gratification. A golden shower or water sports as they are otherwise known is a slang term for urolagnia which means sexual pleasure that comes from urination.


S&M is an acronym of sadism and masochism meaning to either take or receive abuse during sex. Often physical abuse such as spanking, hair pulling or scratching, abuse can be verbal or humiliation as well. S&M has received a fair amount of media attention recently, mostly due to the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey. In turn, more couples are starting to experiment with their own S&M fantasies at home. The terms sadism and masochism can make the whole experience sound rather brutal and scary but the while S&M scene is a varied one with many fans enjoying rather tame S&M fun with simple blindfolds or handcuffs to spice things up a bit in the bedroom.


A strapon is a dildo that is attached to staps or a harness of some kind. It is used to penetrate the partner in the same way you would have penetrative sex. Strapons are used either by two women or by a woman to penetrate her male partner for any sex in a practice called pegging.


Roleplay is a broad subject which covers many fantasies and sexual fetishes. Broadly, roleplay is the act of playing a part during sex. This can be through dressing up or acting out a sexual fantasy.

BBW - Fat fetish

BBW is an acronym for Big Beautiful Woman. The term BBW was coined to emphasise a body positive image for women but has come to be used as a fetish term for men who like to have sex with overweight women.


SSBBW or Super-Sized BBW is a term for extra large or obese women. Men who are interested in women of this size are often referred to as feeders because they encourage their partner to get even bigger for their own sexual pleasure.


The act of penetrating a woman’s vagina using an entire fist.

Double penetration

Double penetration can be either the act of a woman having sex with two or more men at the same time, having vaginal and anal sex at once or being penetrated with an object such as a dildo or vibrator while having sex with a single partner.


Dogging is the act of having sex outdoors or in a car with strangers. Usually with other ‘doggers’ watching or even taking part. The term dogging originated from the common response given to police when questioned about why they were in the woods late at night. Guilty thrill-seekers would often tell the police they were simply looking for their dog. Doggers will establish meeting spots in secluded carparks, motorway laybys or woodland and meet late at night to have sex or watch others having sex.


Swingers are open minded couples who enjoy sharing. Either privately with another swinging couple or at arranged swingers parties and clubs. Swingers have their own rules and individual couples will have their own rules and boundaries within these rules. Couples who enjoy the swing lifestyle are generally in an open or polyamorous relationship. Some couples ‘swing’ for an occasional thrill but are otherwise in an exclusive relationship.


Cuckolding describes a man who’s wife or partner has sex with other men. If your wife is having sex with someone else, you are a Cuckold. Cuckolding can be a dominant act whereby the woman seeks sex with other men to degrade or humiliate her partner or a male can be the dominant party and instruct his partner to have sex with another man of his saying. Many men enjoy being a Cuckold and receive pleasure from watching their wife with someone else in a form of sub dom relationship while others derive enjoyment from dominating their partner by telling them who to have sex with.

Rope Bunny

Rope bunny is a term for either a male or female who enjoys being restrained during sex, usually by being bound with rope. The phrase is often used as a playful description of a BDSM fantasy which is light-hearted and kinky rather than someone who enjoys the more extreme side of BDSM and bondage.


Birching is a form of spanking where the recipient is caned with a birch or wooden stick for sexual pleasure either during sex or as part of a fantasy roleplay scenario such as naughty schoolgirl.


A person who has a fetish about PVC. Generally wearing PVC outfits themselves or having sex with a person dressed in PVC, rubber or latex.

Pantyhose fetish

An interest in underwear, stockings, tights and suspenders. Some men with a pantyhose fetish like to dress themselves for sex in women’s underwear while others like their partner to wear pantyhose or stockings during sex which are often ripped out or have cut outs to enable sexual intercourse.

69 Sex

69 sex is the practise of mutual oral sex where a couple lie or sit in opposite directions enabling simultaneous oral sex.


The ‘art’ of felching is the practise of sucking or licking semen out of another person’s orifice. Originally the term felching was used to describe the act of bareback (without a condom) anal sex between gay men who would then suck the cum from the rectum. The term is now more commonly used to describe sucking or licking semen from either the anus or vagina.


The term to describe sex with multiple partners. Often called an orgy, groupsex involves a minimum of four participants. Three participants is called a threesome (see below).


The act of three people engaging in sexual activity. This can be MFM (male, female, male) where one woman has sex with two guys. Or, FMF (female, male, female) which is one man having sex with two women at once.

Cosplay sex

Cosplay generally is not considered a fetish. There are lots of cosplay enthusiasts who enjoy cosplay in a non-sexual way. Cosplay itself is the act of dressing up, generally as fantasy or comic book characters. Comicon is a Mecca for cosplayers around the world where they meet and show of their elaborate costumes. Cosplay sex or a cosplay fetish is where a person is sexual turned on by dressing up and having sex or having their partner dressing up for sex, generally in a Japanese Anime style.


Analingus or rimming as it is sometimes known as is the act of stimulating the anus with your mouth for sexual pleasure.